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Archive: Nov 2015

  1. Can You “Mess-up” an Adjustment?

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    I get this question a lot. And it is a valid one. Who would want to mess up that great adjustment that they just paid for? People often leave trying not to turn their head, keeping perfectly still, afraid to do any activity afterwards. Understandable: but wrong!

    You see, you can’t mess up an adjustment. It is not a tangible thing to be messed up. Let’s look at this another way:

    To start, we have various stressors, physical, chemical mental/emotional, that can cause our spine to shift out of proper alignment. This results in pressure to the nerves that pass ever so close to the spine, which changes the message passing through the nerves. That is what we call subluxation.

    When we remove these subluxations, our nervous system works better. Our body responds much more appropriately and effectively to the stress it experiences. We are in a more adaptable state. Because of this, this is actually the time that you should be doing more activity, not laying around staying still.

    Along the same lines, I hear people say that they’ll come get adjusted after they have some kind of physical stress. A patient of mine recently said they were waiting to come get adjusted until after they finished a remodeling project. However, the best time to remove those subluxations is before embarking on such a strenuous project. With the subluxations removed, the body responds much better, and much more appropriately to the stress it experiences.

    So remember, go out and move around after an adjustment. Go work out, take a walk, have fun!