Can You “Mess-up” an Adjustment?

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I get this question a lot. “Can I mess up my adjustment?” And I get it. Who’d want to mess up that great adjustment that they just paid for? People will leave trying not to turn their head, keeping perfectly still, afraid to do any activity afterwards. They ask if they should go home and lay down or rest.

The truth is, you can’t mess up an adjustment. And one of the best things to do after an adjustment is to MOVE!

Think about it like this. We all have stressors, physical, chemical, and mental/emotional, that can cause tension in our bodies (as well as our spine). These stressors can cause things to move out of alignment. This misalignment causes pressure on our nerves, and interferes with the signals that pass through them. That is what we call a subluxation.

When we remove the subluxations, our nervous system works better. Our body responds better to the stress it experiences. We are in a more ‘adaptable’ state. This is actually a good time to be more active, not laying around resting. When you are moving (with good posture and form, of course) you are sending tons of information into the brain, and this actually helps the solidify the good form and realignment in the body.

I also hear people say that they’ll come get adjusted after they have some kind of intense physical activity. A patient of mine recently said they were waiting to come get adjusted until after they finished a remodeling project. I totally understand that, but the best time to get adjusted is actually before intense physical activity. This is why athletes and performers see their chiropractor before their performance. With the subluxations removed, the body responds much better, and much more appropriately to the stress it experiences.

So remember, go out and move around after an adjustment. Go work out, take a walk, have fun! Your brain will thank you 🙂

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