For a Happy, Healthy Life

If you had a great diet, yet your intestines and brain weren’t communicating properly due to interference in your nerves, would you truly be healthy?
If you exercised five days a week, but nerve interference made your posture poor and caused joint damage, would you truly be healthy?
If you meditated and relaxed regularly, yet nerve interference caused rapid heartbeat and overwork in your adrenal glands, would you truly be healthy?

Wellness and chiropractic are already linked in a way that we can’t separate. Wellness is associated with the activities, habits and lifestyle routines you do to deliberately achieve your overall health. Chiropractic helps with communication, removing interference built up by repetitive stress. Your body cannot do what it is meant to do if it can’t talk clearly to the brain. THAT is why we all could benefit from chiropractic.



Chiropractic is defined as improving health by removing interference to the nervous system, via re-aligning or adjusting the spinal joints There are many benefits, both short-term and long-term, to chiropractic care. Most of our patients get relief from back and neck pains, but also from knee, shoulder, carpal tunnel, ankle and TMJ disorders, just to name a few. Our patients also report that headaches improve dramatically under chiropractic care. But this just covers the pain aspect of chiropractic care. Patients also report improvements in digestion, balance and coordination (important for athletes, dancers, artists, etc), improved immune function, less menstrual cycle discomfort… the possibilities are endless when you are improving the communication between brain and body.


Our wellness services are designed to help individuals make simple, easy to maintain lifestyle changes that will help bring their body back into a state of prime function. We begin with what you put into your body and how you move. Making dietary changes is the best place to start. Providing education on what you should eat a lot of, what you should completely avoid, and what you can have occasionally is the first step toward a more healthy diet. We then must properly supplement the body with the nutrients that it is not getting, or what it needs much larger quantities of. Teaching and retraining the body on how to move properly is incredibly important. Some of us exercise, but most of us don’t do it right. We aim to teach people how to move their bodies properly, so as to avoid injury, relieve stress and gain back the energy and enjoyment of life!