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Archive: Nov 2018

  1. 3 Quick Tips to Avoid Getting Sick

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    And so…  it is here. “Cold and Flu Season.” It happens every year. Right about the time that the weather changes, our kids overindulge binge eating candy the last night of October and usually far into November. Then the holidays are here. A time where most of us are much more lax on ‘healthy eating.’ Could it be that cold and flu season is nothing more than our bodies increase susceptibility to viruses and bacteria after weeks, no MONTHS of us not taking care of ourselves?


    Now don’t get me wrong. I am not implying that if you follow all the rules you will never get sick. After all, being ‘sick’ is just a normal expression of the body that aids in killing off these harmful little bugs. If our body never got ‘sick’ we’d never ever get well (wow that’s kinda deep)!


    So here are a couple of quick tips to keep you as healthy as possible this winter. Even if you wind up getting ‘sick’ by following these tips you will recover much faster!


    1) Exercise: Exercise strengthens the body, including the immune system. It reduces stress, which increases immunity. It improves circulation. Regulates blood sugar. Increases core temperature. Raises the metabolism. Look I could write you endless paragraphs on how great exercise is. Just know that if you don’t keep moving this winter, you will be sick more often.


    2) Diet: Do yourself and your family a favor right now: Stop eating so much sugar! Refined carbs are responsible for SOOOOO MANY of our society’s health problems. And sugar is one of THE most refined carbs there is! If you start to feel ill, immediately stop eating breads and sugars. You should stop eating ALL grains, but we’ll address that later.


    We also need a variety of supplements in the winter to help the immune system (all of which we carry):

    Vitamin D: Since this is primarily made by our bodies from sunlight, we need a WHOLE lot more in the winter. I recommend Thorne brand liquid Vitamin D.

    Vitamin C: If you take a maintenance dose of 1000 mg/day, then 10,000 mg/day when actively fighting something off, you will most likely escape this winter unscathed.

    Echinacea: While there is still some debate on the effectiveness of echinacea, studies have shown that it can increase white blood cells, shorten the duration of colds, and potentially prevent them. Our research has found that the type of echinacea and the preparation make ALL the difference. The company we use makes its preparations with the roots of echinacea purpurea and angustifolia. This is where the bulk of the active alkamides reside. In my and my family’s own PERSONAL experience, when taking this particular brand echinacea, we don’t get sick! Seriously, most echinacea on the market is garbage. You really need to research your company and know their source.


    There are plenty of other supplements that increase immunity (zinc, elderberry syrup, astragalus, colloidal silver…) but these are the big three in my opinion!


    3) Chiropractic: There have been studies dating back to the 1940’s showing an increase in immune activity following an adjustment.  If you really want to hear about what an adjustment can do ask parents who bring their kids in for treatment. Ear infections, colic, fever, digestive issues, sinus pressure, headaches, congestion, cough… the list of conditions goes on! An adjustment can provide relief from many conditions!


    Listen, you’re going to get sick again in your lifetime. It’s inevitable. But it’s not a bad thing! When we fight off these invaders we develop a lifelong immunity to them. If you follow the steps above you will keep your immune system in top condition to fight them off quicker, more effectively, and you’ll just overall be healthier!


    Be Well