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  1. Why I Do What I Do

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    Over the years many people have asked about some of the more dramatic cases I’ve seen. And looking back there have been quite a few that surprised even me.

    Most of the cases I see are pretty easy, pretty cut and dry. And although it is rewarding to help people feel better, the real joy is when we drastically change someone’s life.

    We’ve had people in here who were in so much pain that they couldn’t get out of bed, couldn’t go to work and hold down a job. There have been people who had dealt with debilitating pain for such a long time that it was affecting their relationships.

    The most amazing things I had seen involved two separate cases involving babies around 7 months old that were diagnosed with ‘Failure to Thrive.’ They were so tiny that they weren’t even on the Pediatric Growth Chart. Yet after a few adjustments they had both gained substantial weight, and were THRIVING!

    Chiropractic care really can be miraculous!

  2. Kids and Chiropractic

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    As parents, we want the absolute best for our kids. We try and feed them good, healthy meals. We make sure they get exercise through play or sports. We stimulate healthy brain development through reading and teaching them about the world around them. But what about their Nervous System, the system that controls EVERYTHING in the body? Watch below to learn more about how amazing Chiropractic can be for our precious little ones.

    The birth process can be VERY traumatic to those tiny little necks, expecially when there is pulling, or rotation as the head is coming out. Even with a C-Section there are a lot of intense forces on the little head and neck.

    As our little ones begin crawling and moving around on their own they are bound to fall, or bump thier heads.

    Any of these little traumas they experience can misalign those tiny vertebrae, causing pressure on the nerves. When we adjust those bones back into place, the body begins to communicate and work better. This is why kids experience better immune function, less ear infections, less colic, and many more improvements when they are under chiropractic care.

    So whether your little one is having some kind of issue, has experienced some kind of fall or trauma, or you just want them to be the best they can possibly be, schedule an appointment to bring them in!