For 14 years I was in constant pain due to an accident. Then I met Dr. Christopher Powell. I’ve been under Dr. Powell’s care for nearly a year. He has helped me tremendously. My pain has decreased significantly, and I feel like a huge weight (literally) has been taken off my shoulders. Dr. Powell treats me weekly–this is extremely important to me as I strongly believe that ongoing chiropractic care is vital to maintain optimum health. In addition to being an excellent chiropractor, Dr. Powell is a compassionate person and truly cares about my well-being. He treats me with respect and dignity and takes the time to understand my unique health issues. – C.S.*

My health and general well being have improved since I’ve been a patient at Powell Chiropractic. As a flutist, knitter and Mother to two young children, I was experiencing discomfort and numbness in my neck, arms and hands. Dr. Christopher has taught me how to prevent and manage my symptoms, and treatments have alleviated almost all of my problems. Both Chris and Monique are wonderful and open people, I truly enjoy coming to Powell Chiropractic. – MB, Ph. D.*

I came to Powell Chiropractic for a back spasm that was so bad that I couldn’t sleep and couldn’t bend over to tie my shoes. They had me tying my shoes within the week and feeling better from a back injury due to a car accident that happened over 10 years ago.*

Since seeing Dr. Monique and Dr. Christopher my health has improved more than I thought possible. They’re both very informative and knowledgeable on herbal medicines and vitamins and have gotten me through a couple of illnesses, including a particularly nasty case of bronchitis. They truly listen to you when you speak, respect you and I trust them with my health. – KL*

Dr. Christopher Powell and Dr. Monique Powell have both inspired me to take better care of myself. Since starting my visits with them I have gained more movement in my ankles and in my back. There is a lot less pain and I am happy. They both have a very positive attitude and are very good people. They are the kind of people we should expect doctors to be. God Bless them. – PM III*

I am so thankful for Dr. Chris and Dr. Monique Powell. The techniques they use to help me heal naturally have been great! Also, the information that they give as they do the adjustment is the best part. Before when I went to a Chiropractor I did not understand, now I realize why I need to do what they advise to help my body do what it is meant to do. I will continue with my maintenance with them.*

Drs Christopher & Monique Powell could not be more wonderful! They took great care of me when I moved to Pittsburgh when 7 months pregnant. Dr. Monique graciously attended and assisted in the birth of my son and administered his first adjustment within minutes after birth and in doing so increased his APGAR score from a 7 to a 9. As a doctor of chiropractic myself, I can fully attest to the principles they teach and live by. These are doctors that I do not hesitate to recommend frequently, even to my own patients! – SB*

Dr. Powell is a pillar of the community – in the two years or so I’ve known him I have listened first hand to countless people who can’t say enough about how he actually changed the quality of their life! A bold statement, but it’s true – he talks the talk AND walks the walk!!!*

Dr Powell really listens to you and gives great, personalized care. If you’ve never been to a chiropractor, this would be a great place to try it and see how much it helps your overall health.*

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.