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Screen-Time Reboot


With more and more of us being on our phones, tablets, or just working remotely, I have seen a HUGE increase in problems related to being in front of a screen all day. Some experts have even dubbed it ‘Tech-neck.’ But it doesn’t just affect our neck and upper back. Sitting too long, ESPECIALLY with bad posture or poor work place ergonomics, can creat all kinds of problems. Just take a look below!

So remember, when we’re sitting for too long, or in front of a screen too long, the muscles in the front of our body tend to shorten, and the ones in the back of our body tend to weaken. Whether it’s upper or lower body, just keep in mind stretch the front, strengthen the back.

It’s not hard to fix this, it just takes time and a LOT of repetition! So make sure you pay attention when you’re on your phones or computers. Take the time to get up and stretch, set up your workstation properly, and schedule an appointment for an adjustment! No matter how much stretching or yoga we do, if the spine is out of alignment, you need a good adjustment. 😉


  1. Ophelia

    Maybe include this information as it applies to how it alters brain physiology in growing children and teens.

    • Christopher Powell

      Great idea, Ophelia! Maybe we’ll do a separate video about the effects of too much screen time on our children. It’s certainly an issue nowadays.

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