Your First Consult

We offer free consultations to any new client during regular office hours. Our goal is to REALLY listen and let you know that we care. You are not treated like a number here. You are treated like an individual.

What to Expect

Our first visit takes approximately 45 minutes, and the goal is to see how we can help you. We start with the consult, going over a detailed case history and asking some crucial health questions. It is very important to be thorough, as this can shed light on certain lifestyle habits that can cause or contribute to the problems you are experiencing.

(To use our Web Portal to fill out your New Patient Forms, please call us at 412-243-9355 or email us at to receive your custom web link)

During our examination, we use technology developed by the Space Foundation and used by NASA to assess the function of the nervous system. These tests are painless, yet they give our doctors and staff vital information not only about how you feel, but about how your body is actually working.

The last part of the visit involves your doctor feeling your spine while you lie on one of our specialized tables. Usually there is a gentle, yet effective, adjustment given during this part of the visit.

Affordable Plans

Insurance companies are covering less and less these days, with large deductibles and high out-of-pocket costs. We have very affordable plans for those without insurance coverage that will provide for you all the care you need, WITHOUT breaking the bank. You can choose to pay per visit, or sign up for an unlimited month to REALLY take advantage of the savings.

Relaxed Environment

As a patient, you come to our office to get great results, but we also work to make you feel comfortable from the moment you arrive. No sterile white coats and that doctor’s office smell… whatever that is. We strive to provide a comfortable, home-like atmosphere to fully facilitate health and healing. From start to finish, we strive to keep you comfortable and happy.


We take all major health insurance except for Medicaid. We accept Medicare, PI, auto accident and Workers Comp cases, as well.