chiropracticThere are many different types of chiropractic out there. The techniques all vary, so just because you may have had one type of experience with one technique, that doesn’t mean they all will be the same to you.

Technique – Torque Release

Our doctors utilize a technique called Torque Release. The Torque Release Technique (TRT) is unique in that it combines seven of the most effective, neurologically based techniques of the past 115 years, and uses what they agree upon most.  The most important part chiropractic, and of TRT is the analysis, figuring out WHAT needs to be adjusted. And the results are amazing! Another amazing aspect to this technique is that the doctor can choose to adjust many different ways. In our office, some patients receive a slightly more forceful technique, some a very gentle one. For some we use an instrument, and for others  we use the table to make the adjustment. Some of the other adjusting techniques used include activator, gonstead, thompson, diversified, emotional release techniques, BEST and toggle-recoil. Other healing techniques used in our office include ART, passive release, trigger point therapy, massage therapy, AK and meridian work, cold laser therapy, E-stim and nutritional guidance.


One of the main tools used in our examination process is the Insight, or subluxation station. This is a computerized device that combines up to five different technologies, all developed by the Space Foundation, to measure the function of different parts of the nervous system. Only ten percent of the nerves in our body have the capacity to feel sensation. So pain can only be felt by less than ten percent of the nerves in our bodies! The other ninety percent control our inner organs, immune system, hormones, stress, balance and coordination, sleep, growth, etc. The Insight detects and measures different aspects of the nervous system that we can’t feel, and therefore can’t tell the doctor about. A typical scan takes about ten minutes, and is completely painless.

Customized Report/Recommendations

Each patient receives a customized report on their follow-up visit. The report specifically contains what was found, if we can help, three different plans of action, how much each will cost, and any other recommended interventions. Having a plan of action is crucial to optimum results.


Dr. Powell has done extensive postgraduate research in both Pediatric and Prenatal adjusting techniques. A large part of our practice is made up of pregnant women and children. We can accommodate women right up to full term, as well as children as young as hours old. More can be found about pediatric and prenatal chiropractic at the International Chiropractic Pediatric Associations website. Their website also contains one of the most comprehensive collections of research studies on all things health and wellness related.