Why Chiropractic? I could have done ANYTHING!


When I was younger, I didn’t know what I was doing with my life. I was all over the place. But I was really GOOD at whatever I was doing. I worked in catering since I was 13 (yeah, I know, child labor laws). I was cooking, serving parties, and managing the place by 18. I worked part time doing construction and contracting (which is paying off huge dividends now as a homeowner). I was playing in bands, just starting to actually make some good money at gigs. I had an interest in physics, biology and medicine, and could have easily gone to med school with my GPA and SAT scores.

But there was a problem that I saw. People were sick. My own family was affected by chronic disease as well as addiction. My friends and neighbors seemed to be suffering from the same problems, and our health care system seemed to be failing them all.

I had always loved helping people, and always wanted to help those closest to me most. So after injuring myself and finding almost immediate relief with a local chiropractor, I became intrigued. Why was it that after getting treated for some back pain that my whole body felt better?

Seriously, I had lived with asthma (albeit mild to moderate) since a young child, and it was pretty much gone after a few weeks of regular adjustments. I had worn glasses since the 2nd grade, and at the next school eye exam they told me my vision was better than average. Yeah, could have been coincidence, but the more digging I did, the more I found that chiropractic affects the whole body, since it takes pressure off of the nerves that CONTROL the whole body, and I REALLY experienced it!

It was soon after that that I decided I wanted to do this. I wanted to REALLY help people! I began talking to people, and hearing others recount their experiences. One of the most common things I hear them say before telling their tale of recovery, when everyone else told them they had to just live with their problems was, “What do I have to lose?”…