1. The Adjustment: A Few of the Common Techniques We Use to Help You Feel Better

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    Ok, I know there are some people who LOVE to watch those adjustment videos online. And I’ve been meaning to make some for a while. So without further ado, I want to share with you the most common adjustments we perform her at Wellness Pittsburgh.

    Now I need to first say, everyone is different. We examine each patient thoroughly first to determine what kinds of adjustments would be safest and most effective. There are about 4-5 techniques we use here to adjust. Certain people prefer a lighter adjustment with no ‘cracking’ or ‘popping’. Other people can’t tolerate a lot of force with the adjustments due to osteoporosis or other degenerative conditions.

    That is why it is crucial to have a consultation and exam with the doctor first to find out what will work best. Even then, with some of our clients it can take a few visits to find the best technique for them.

    Keep in mind, while most people feel GREAT after an adjustment, sometimes there can be a little soreness the next day. Very rarely there can be more pain, usually when the spine was really badly out of alignment. In this case it’s important to come back in for another realignment as soon as possible. After the second time there is usually a noticeable change in pain levels.

    Always remember, if something doesn’t feel good, tell your chiropractor. I mean, we’re good, but we’re not mind readers. Getting that feedback from a patient helps me to find the best technique to get the best possible results.

  2. How to Know When You Need an Adjustment: Top 3 Ways

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    Most people make an appointment when they are having pain. And we all know chiropractic is great for helping with pain, but what if you could prevent it before it starts. Just like how regular dental care reduces pain and problems with our teeth, regular chiropractic care reduces pain and problems in our spine. Watch the video below for some quick tips to know when you need to be adjusted, before that nagging pain returns.

    So, yes, pain is an indicator you need an adjustment. Or rather you needed an adjustment a few days or weeks ago. Radiating pain shows a deeper issue, usually involving the discs, or some kind of pressure to the nerves exiting the spine. If you have radiating pain get adjusted ASAP!

    Assymmetry gives us insight as to what is going on in our underlying structure, particularly the spine. If your head is tilted to one side, or your shoulder or hip is higher, your spine is most likely not aligned. If it’s not aligned, degeneration (arthritis) will be sped up, inflammation will increase, and you will most likely be hurting pretty soon.

    Motion is such a big key here as well. And this takes awareness. Notice how far your head turns to one side or the other. Notice what movements seem difficult, or restricted. Do you have a hard time turning your body to one side versus the other? When there is restriction in any of our movements, there is usually a joint that is not properly aligned. There will be muscle involvement as well, but remember any time a muscle is tight or weak, there is an effect on the joint. And anytime a joint is out of place, there is an effect on the muscles.

    Remember, the more aligned your spine is, the less degeneration and arthritis will occur, and the better your nervous system will work. Best of all the better you will feel!

  3. Kids and Chiropractic

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    As parents, we want the absolute best for our kids. We try and feed them good, healthy meals. We make sure they get exercise through play or sports. We stimulate healthy brain development through reading and teaching them about the world around them. But what about their Nervous System, the system that controls EVERYTHING in the body? Watch below to learn more about how amazing Chiropractic can be for our precious little ones.

    The birth process can be VERY traumatic to those tiny little necks, expecially when there is pulling, or rotation as the head is coming out. Even with a C-Section there are a lot of intense forces on the little head and neck.

    As our little ones begin crawling and moving around on their own they are bound to fall, or bump thier heads.

    Any of these little traumas they experience can misalign those tiny vertebrae, causing pressure on the nerves. When we adjust those bones back into place, the body begins to communicate and work better. This is why kids experience better immune function, less ear infections, less colic, and many more improvements when they are under chiropractic care.

    So whether your little one is having some kind of issue, has experienced some kind of fall or trauma, or you just want them to be the best they can possibly be, schedule an appointment to bring them in!


  4. Headache Relief The Natural Way: 5 tips to keep you Headache Free

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    We all get headaches. But they should not be a regular part of life. Yet MILLIONS of Americans suffer from them each day. And while Ibuprofen or other NSAIDS can help temporarily, they are not a cure. We don’t get headaches from a lack of Ibuprofen in our bodies. They can be a sign that we need to support a part of our system, or that we need to make some other change to our lifestyle. Watch below for more!

    The first thing you should do if you feel a headache coming on is to drink 2 big glasses of water. Dehydration is the cause of most peoples headaches. We really don’t drink enough plain old water in our society.

    If you feel like your headaches are an all too common problem for you, come in for an appointment! There’s a lot we can do to help get you feeling good again. 🙂

    Be well!