1. Chiropractic and Discs: All the Ways We Can Help

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    Whether it’s Arthritis, Degeneration, Bulging or Herniation

    The other day I heard a patient say, “It’s my disc. You can’t help.” Honestly I was surprised to hear that from this person. The discs are DIRECTLY affected by a spinal adjustment, there is SO MUCH research (like this study) showing that chiropractic can help with disc problems.

    What is the Disc?

    The discs between each vertebrae are tough, fibrous bands that wrap around a soft jelly-like center (like a donut, but not as tasty). They hold the vertebrae together and also absorb shock and pressure to the backbone.

    Because they are so tightly attached to the bone, when the vertebrae move out of alignment there is a lot of tension on the disc. Too much of this tension over too long a period of time can cause damage to the discs, as well as pressure on the nerves.

    In our office we treat the discs in a few different ways

    Adjustments: Realigning the spine is the first step in helping disc issues. We need to get the tension off of them so no more damage is done. The adjustment also helps get pressure off of the nerves to help with the pain.

    Stretching: We use a method to stretch out the spinal joints called Flexion-Distraction, which helps hydrate the discs and get pressure off the nerves. This improves their ‘squishiness’ and helps with the shock absorbing. It also increases circulation to the discs, which speeds up their healing.

    Cold Laser Therapy: Cold laser is incredible at speeding up healing time. This form of light therapy triggers the cells to grow and form new healthier cells quicker. It’s really useful for areas of the body that don’t have a lot of blood flow, like ligaments, cartilage, and discs.

    Nutrition: It is vitally important when dealing with any long-term chronic condition that the body be nourished as well possible. Anti-oxidants, good fats, and a quality joint support formula will help the disc recover as quickly as possible, and also help the results last longer. We recommend an all natural glucosamine formula from Standard Process that our patients love. Be careful where you get your glucosamine from. Most of what’s on the market is garbage!

    Postural/Ergonomics Training: Most of the research shows that without a good regimen to follow during and after treatment, most disc problems will return. This is why it is crucial to start implementing things like yoga, postural awareness, and strength/stretching routines when there is any disc problem. Plus, it will help the whole body, too!

    I hope you have found this information helpful. Remember we are always here to answer your questions. Call or message us for a free consultation!