Dr. Christopher Powell

Fun Stuff:

  • Huge Quantum Physics nerd
  • Mushroom and Edible/Medicinal Plant forager and cultivator
  • Plays more instruments than he can count on his fingers (though not all of them well)
  • Makes weird homemade Fermented Foods and other healthy stuff
  • Loves to fix things, even though most of the time it winds up taking longer and costing more than if he would have just hired someone


  • Loves to cook all kinds of delicious foods, especially those from other cultures
  • is a bit of a fitness junkie, from yoga to running, biking, swimming, weight lifting… basically anything to get him outside, regardless of the season
  • Enjoys charcoal sketching and abstract painting
  • Loves teaching others how to learn a new skill, especially his kids

Dr. Things:

  • Completed undergraduate Bachelors in the Sciences
  • Graduated Magna Cum Laude from Sherman College of Chiropractic in 2005
  • Completed Post-graduate certifications in Pediatrics and Prenatal Chiropractic form the ICPA (International Chiropractic Pediatric Association)
  • Studied Nutrition, Fitness, and Meditation extensively after starting his practice

Dr. Powell has always had a passion for healing and helping people. From the time when a teacher explained that she did not take a pill for every little ache or pain, but rather held until she really needed it so her body would not become desensitized and respond better in the future, to his own experience with chiropractic, and seeing his need for glasses as well as his asthma medication disappear, his interest in natural health and wellness grew.

Seeing healthcare become more of a sick-care model made him look more to the natural cures, the things that we have relied on for millenia to help with our healing. Being very intersted in Neurology in school, Dr. Powell began his journey of blending science and nature in his own life, as well as his professional life.

Dr. Powell attended Sherman College of Chiropractic after completing his Bachelors of Science. He currently splits time between Pittsburgh and the Laurel Highlands with his Partner Robyn, his three sons Willem, Gabriel, and Caedmon (all born at home and adjusted within minutes), and their foster baby Loralee.  Dr. Powell is certified to treat pediatric and prenatal patients by the ICPA, and regularly receives referrals from Magee Hospital and the midwife center.